Chinese Apps Alternatives for improved privacy and security

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In recent years, the ecosystem of the application in the Indian market has been supported by Chinese applications. Currently, most top apps on the Play Store mapping have Chinese roots. Many experts say that the Chinese applications collect user data and even personal information. The recent case being collected Mi browser search queries, even in incognito mode and send back data in China. Similarly, TikTok has been accused of sending videos of projects on servers in China. There have been many such cases, and all have a common denominator: the user data is sent to Chinese servers regardless of user privacy. As we know, the data that is held in China is wide open to access by the Chinese authorities, which is a major concern. So in order to protect your data, here are the best alternatives Chinese applications that you use on your smartphone.

Top Chinese Apps Alternatives in 2020-21

1.TikTok / Likee / Kwai Alternative Triller

Triller which is quite similar to TikTok. There is a video social platform and the company is based in California. As TikTok, you can create stunning videos and share them in seconds. You can lip-sync, challenges and create amazing music videos. The platform is quite popular among celebrities including Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart, and more. Moreover, Triller comes with over 100 filters and has a fitting algorithm based video AI to create unique videos in seconds.

In addition, you get access to Top trend as TikTok Triller. And if you liked Duo TikTok you group videos Triller where you can collaborate with anyone on the internet. I would Triller is a promising alternative to TikTok and you can give it a shot. Note that, despite the similarities, I did not mention dubsmash because there was a data breach in 2019 that compromised more than 162 million accounts.

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2.UC Browser Alternative Google Chrome

UC Browser, owned by Alibaba Group of China, is the second web browser popular across India and China, but there have been many controversies of security and privacy in recent years. In 2015, Citizen Lab released a detailed study which highlighted glaring security holes and gaps for privacy within the application. The report concluded that the personal information of users which sent Umeng, the tool an Alibaba without encryption. In addition, accurate location data was also transmitted to AMAP, a mapping tool Alibaba in China. UC Browser has released a new version quickly to correct these problems, but after further evaluation, Citizen Lab said that most of the issues were not fixed. Other than that, UC Browser has come under Indian govt scanner for alleged data theft in 2017 after the University of Toronto reported the DNS retention problem.

So if you want to browse the internet without anyone tracking your Internet activity then you should move on to a secure Web browser. In this regard, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for smartphones and desktop computers. Google takes security and privacy seriously and constantly updates Chrome for harmful websites Protect users and malicious software. Apart from this, you can also check Firefox browser Brave Focus or confidentiality for better control of privacy.

Install for Free: Google Chrome (Android/iOS), Brave (Android/iOS), Firefox Focus (Android/iOS)

3. Helo Alternative ShareChat

Helo is another Chinese application that has had tremendous success in the Indian market. It is a platform of social media to discover viral content and share them with friends and communities. The catch behind the success of Helo is its highly organized content for regional audiences. The application provides service in over 14 Indian languages ​​and is currently one of the top ranking apps on the Play Store. However, a recent survey by an Indian consulting group confirmed that Helo and other Chinese applications seeking too much personal information from users. Helo wants access to the camera and the microphone even when such access is not required. It clearly poses a huge threat to users’ privacy and we must be vigilant about it.

So if you want to enjoy regional content without compromising your privacy, you can give a shot to ShareChat. The application is based on India and it offers content in 15 regional languages ​​is great. In addition, the application has a strict policy of content so that inappropriate content remains at bay.

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4. CamScanner Alternative Adobe Scan

CamScanner is s popular application document scanner and is managed by IntSig, a Chinese company based in Shanghai. Last year, he was removed from the Play Store after Kaspersky found a Trojan horse unit in CamScanner application. The researchers said that “Trojan downloader can download malicious modules according to what its creators are up to at the moment.” Later, the malicious code has been removed and the application was back on the Play Store. However, we have seen this pattern many applications, including Chinese ES File Explorer and publishers as shady CM and DU.

So if you want to stay away from these malicious incidents that go on behind the scenes that you can then move to a safer alternative and better. We wrote a detailed article on the best alternatives for CamScanner so you can go through it. But my favorite is Adobe scan monitoring staff by Microsoft Office Lens (Android / iOS). You can choose one of them and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. You get the batch mode, crisp as CamScanner scan, OCR, edge detection, and many more advanced features.

Install Adobe Scan: Anrdoid/iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. SHAREit, Xender Alternative Files by Google

ShareIt started as a file transfer application, but now it is articulated on a content platform as Helo and ShareChat. Accordingly, the application has grown from its main goal and now is mainly for content creators. In my brief use, I found a lot of inappropriate content application and I really recommend it for anything, let alone file transfer. Similarly, Xender was too bloated with features like social media downloader and Game Center. Not to mention the constant ads and pop-ups are worse experience.

Apart from this, ShareIt was found with two security vulnerabilities last year that allowed the attackers to download the contents of a user’s device, avoiding the device authentication mechanism. In parallel, data such as tokens and Facebook cookies were also transferred. So if you want an alternative to these applications as Chinese shareit I have one recommendation: Files by Google. It can act as a file manager too, and you can seamlessly send and receive files without notification or ad content. Google files is also very fast and can go up to 150Mbps when transferring files. If your iPhone, you should take a look at Send Anywhere.

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