Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

  • Stylish and compact design – best looking combo for home and office
  • Spill resistant keys to ensure multi-tasking while you enjoy your drink as well
  • Ambidextrous mouse perfect for both your left and right hand
  • Wireless connection – connects with USB dongle
  • Wireless connection – connects with USB dongle
  • Black color combo with 3 years warranty

Here are my detailed product review (also test the keyboard as I type this!).

Shipping from Amazon took less than 24 hours. Although the product comes in a see through packaging of Amazon, which enables Lenovo original carton looks when you receive the product. There is nothing wrong to be worried about though.


reasonably sized keyboard. Distance key is perfect to connect me and typing on it feels very smooth noiseless click of a button. It features three LED indicator for caps lock, num lock and what appeared to be a low battery indicator. Keep in mind though that the indicators do not stay – they go away after a few seconds so it is difficult to know whether the key lock caps / num is ON to see the indicator. They are however clearly shows that a key is pressed or released. Not really the point of pain. This keyboard uses a single AAA cell that comes in the box. The physical appearance of the keyboard is fine – nothing very fancy. The keys have frozen “top” with white lettering and the edges of the keys have a glossy black color. Prominent feature- has a volume control button on the top row !!

The rat:
I have been using a Logitech wireless mouse M235 over the last two years and have grown accustomed to it so one thing I noticed with this mouse is its speed. I had to bump the mouse pointer speed setting below the maximum window with almost any mouse I’ve used. For this one I feel I may have to lower the settings. Having said that precision and accuracy is really good for my job (I do not do graphic design / CAD though so I would not know if it fits this requirement). It runs off AA batteries that came in the box and has a recess to house under the USB receiver in each time you do not use them. It also comes with a slider switch ON / OFF. Compared with the keyboard I found that mouse looks better than this keyboard with neat black glossy trim wrapping around the mouse with a matt black finish on top with the Lenovo brand.


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