PUBG updated mobile 0.16.0 deployment December 11; upgrade requirements, and details on

PUBG Mobile shared the details of his highly anticipated updated version 0.16.0 day. As part of the details, the company has shared the update’s deployment schedule and new storage requirements. Details on this new update comes days after PUBG Corp shared some features coming to the game. These features include a 90FPS gameplay, the 10-bit HDR support, the color blind mode and new Gear Rage. PUBG Corp also launched a new “Dosti Ka Naya Maidan” series of original content in the Indian market on YouTube.

In addition, a number of upcoming features also leaked online. These include the upcoming Death Race mode with support for customization of the vehicle. According to the new announcement, the company confirmed that the new update will deploy December 11, 2019. PUBG Corp. confirmed that it will not take the servers offline to perform this upgrade. It is not known if this is a new update through the game or if it is limited to this update. The company shared this information on its official Twitter handle. According to the announcement, PUBG Mobile users will need extra storage 0.6GB on their smartphone.

If you download any additional maps and resource packs, storage requirements swell up to about 4 GB. This upcoming update will probably push them to 4.7GB requirements with all additional cards. This will make a mobile PUBG of the mobile gaming storage intensive. Since the update will roll in the next few days, PUBG mobile gamers should prepare the update if they are running on limited storage.

It is likely that the company can deploy the new game in a progressive manner. This likely means that you may need to wait a few hours for the update to reach your smartphone. The new update also introduces new winter season of skins in the game Other expected features are new to Erangel time card, TPP and FPP mode switch as Call of Duty. Mobile, and more.

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