If Supreme Court overturns Roev. Wade, Texas will fully ban revocation

Politico said it attained a draft Supreme Court maturity opinion indicating the corner revocation ruling will be capsized.

According to a draft opinion attained by Politico, theU.S. Supreme Court intends to capsize Roev. Wade, 

reversing nearly 50 times of indigenous protection for revocation, and let countries set their own restrictions on the procedure 

The law would make an exception only to save the life of the pregnant case or if they risk “ substantial impairment of major fleshly function.”

The case before theU.S. Supreme Court centers on a ban in Mississippi on revocations after 15 weeks 

Since the 1973 ruling in Roev. Wade, the court has constantly struck down bans on revocation before viability, 

the point at which a fetus could probably survive outside the womb, generally seen as 22 to 24 weeks of gestation. 

This draft doesn't change anything about the legal status of revocation in Texas at this moment. 

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