Your conversations are made more secure by the WhatsApp chat lock function.

To prevent unauthorised access, you can secure with a password your WhatsApp conversations.

For specific chats or all talks on your WhatsApp account, you can enable chat lock.

When activated, the chat lock requires a password or biometric identification before allowing access to the chats.

With the use of this feature, you can be certain that even if someone manages to access your phone, they won't be able to read your WhatsApp conversations without your password or fingerprint or face scan.

By protecting your critical information and private interactions, WhatsApp chat lock offers piece of mind.

It is especially helpful if your phone is lost or stolen or if you share your smartphone with someone else.

Within the WhatsApp app, the chat lock settings are simple to configure and control.

Customization options for the feature include the ability to set the lock timer or select the authentication method.

You may have more privacy and control over your messaging app using WhatsApp chat lock.